Safeguard Policy

Golf Lessons at Sleaford Golf Club:

Lessons and custom fitting are available here at Sleaford Golf Club, so no need to travel miles to be fix your game or to trial that new club you’ve been wanting. Whether you want to take part in a group coaching session at a cost of £10.00 per person or you’d prefer an individual lesson that costs £18.00 per ½ hour we can accommodate your requirements. We can even offer on course 10 hole playing lessons to aid your course management for £35.00. We also offer Junior Coaching Clinics every Saturday morning from 9.00am for only £3.00 per child with no need to book. For those that want a more in depth and detailed analysis of their game we can also offer a 1 hour Flightscope lesson at £35.00 which includes a performance data report, which can be forwarded on to you for future reference. With the aid of our Flightscope launch monitor we are also able to offer a full custom fitting service for Titleist, Callaway and Ping golf equipment. You will be taken through every step of the process from loft and lie angle, shaft length and flex, right through to grip size. Custom fitting takes around 1 hour and costs £20.00 per session which gets refunded in golf balls should you wish to purchase a club.

Practice Facilities:

All full swing lessons and custom fittings take place on our main practice ground which is only a short walk from the Clubhouse. Whether you want to improve your driving, fairway woods or your long bunker shots, this is the place to come. For pitching and greenside bunker shots we can utilise the 6 hole short course which offers a wealth of different shots and lies that you will encounter on any course. Next to the 1st tee is our practice putting green which we can use to hone your technique for all those delicate chips, along with the most vital part of the game, putting. Also adjacent to the 1st tee are two practice nets which can be used before play to loosen up the swing before that vital game.

Custom Fit Golf Equipment:

We offer a comprehensive custom fitting opportunity thanks to Titleist, Callaway and Ping. We were one of the first golf clubs to have the Flightscope launch monitor in the county. The Flightscope is a 3D Doppler radar that accurately measures the launch and flight of the ball and the path and attack angles of the club. It provides quantitative data about player and equipment performance. Flightscope is able to track speeds extremely accurately and determine ball positions to within single yards. Measurements include: ball and clubhead speeds, launch angles, spin rates, carry distance, total distance, hang time and height. On average people who have been fitted here at Sleaford Golf Club have seen their handicaps reduce by an average of 1.25 strokes and seen their driving distance increase by 11 yards. I’m sure you would like to do the same. Fittings cost £20.00 and take around 1 hour. There is no obligation to buy but if you do you will receive £20.00 worth of golf balls.