Sleaford Golf Club - Local Rules

The following rules are subject to alteration by the Golf and Green Committees. Players should consult the Club Notice boards for latest information prior to play.

1. The following are Out of Bounds

a. Over any boundary hedges, wall or fence or beyond any part of the rabbit proof fencing.

b. 1st Hole – The concrete paved area in front of the Club premises, over the fence to the left of the first tee and the walled gardens of the bungalows.

c. 5th and 8th Hole – On or over the road.

d. 9th Hole – In or over the grip to the left of the fairway up to the red stakes defining the penalty area.

e. 10th Hole – To the left of the fairway beyond the 2nd footbridge, defined by the white stakes.

f. 18th Hole – In or over the grip on the left of the fairway running alongside the pit, the car park, on or over the path, the garden area adjacent to the path and car park, or paved areas in front of the Club premises.

2. Internal Walls

All internal walls are integral parts of the course. Note: The ball must be played as it lies or be declared unplayable (Rule 19 applies).

Penalty Areas

The beck running through the course on the 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th holes is a Penalty Area as defined by Red Stakes (Rule 17).

4. Drainage Grips

Grips dug for drainage may be treated as Ground Under Repair (Rule 16 – 1 applies).

5. Pop - Up Sprinkler Heads

All fixed Sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and relief may be obtained under Rule 16 – 1. In addition to the types of interference described in Rule 16.1a, when a ball lies in the general area, interference also exists if an immovable obstruction is: on the player’s line of play, is within two club-lengths of the putting green, and is within two club-lengths of the ball. The player may take relief under Rule 16.1b. (Exception – There is no relief under this Local Rule if the player chooses a line of play that is clearly unreasonable.)

6. Newly Planted Trees

It individual trees, wired, staked or otherwise marked, interfere will stance or intended swing are no play zones. If a player’s ball lies anywhere on the course other than in a penalty area and it lies on or touches such a tree or such a tree interferes with the player’s stance r area of intended swing, the player must take relief under Rule 16.1f.

7. Tractor Route

The main tractor route that winds through the course is immovable obstruction and relief may be taken in accordance with Rule 16-1.