Site of Special Scientific Interest

grasslandA large part of Sleaford Golf Club is situated in a declared Site of Special Scientific Interest.  We are delighted to be working with Natural England and play our part in maintaining the biodiversity of our environment.  The course possesses some of the most important calcareous grassland within the county of Lincolnshire and arguably within the country.

Plants on calcareous grassland are typically short and hardy, and include grasses and herbs such as clover and smooth rupturewort.  Calcareous grassland is an important habitat for insects, particularly butterflies, and can where appropriate be kept at a plagioclimax by grazing animals, usually sheep but sometimes cattle.   Rabbits play a part but due to the onset of myxomatosis their numbers decreased so dramatically that they no offer a significant grazing benefit.

WILDLIFE PROJECT.  Sleaford Golf Club, under the leadership of one of our members Nick Lawson, has developed a project to encourage new and enhance the habitat for the course wildlife.  Take the opportunity to read the latest news relating to this worthwhile initiative.